I Am

Who am I? That’s a bit difficult to tell, because I do not know where to start.
My name is Sumeya, a 39 year old mother of 3,  from Lebanese origine, an entrepreneur and a creative individual that loves to challenge herself.

After winning the Dutch makeup awards in 2010, awarded second place in the 2011 Benelux makeup talent and having successfully owned several independent companies I decided to combine my passion for beauty & fashion with my immense drive and ambition in business.

Alongside being the managing director of Feathers & Lashes  Premium Hospitality I’m still active as a freelance makeup artist & educator at F & L beauty school. Besides doing a lot of behind the scenes work for fashion shows, photo shoots and TV shows, I also do a lot of editorial work.

Doing editorials is something I really enjoy, because it is something where I can express my own creativity. It is the appeal of being able to turn my creative vision into a reality.

As a makeup artist I am completely focused, adding a single piece of the complete image with every stroke of the brush or pencil, the face transforms into something out of this world. Working my way from the chaotic stripes of contouring to the adding of refined strokes of the last eye shadow, adding eyelashes and even crazy things as crystal stones or feathers I learned how to orchestrate a harmonious whole and this all onto the face of a living person.
I am a true perfectionist as a makeup artist and as a business woman, and so I offer nothing but perfection.